“A dream itself is but a shadow.” - Hamlet

I don't prepare my portrait shoots too much: "I don't want to be limited by my own preconception” . My interest in portraiture lies in the exploration of ones shadow self and the projected self. Capturing who someone is, or they could be, is far more interesting than how they look - From a solipsistic stand point, no one could completely understand another’s inner world, but I like to play with that - delving into the tension between fact and fiction. During a shoot there is an energy exchange that is totally unique to that day, that shoot, that look - searching for that balance between a narrative and the image. You get to know someone so quickly through photography, the speed of taking photos allows for a very honest exchange in that ongoing moment. What you can do with it is exciting - When I take a portrait - the model and I are reflecting off each other - that’s what I like - The photo have a little bit of both of us in it. I recalls Philip Larkin: “Each face seemed to define, just what it saw departing.”

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