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Abstract interpretations

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Cynosure - An object at the focal point of attention; something that is used as a guide - An expression of words along side abstract Polaroids, mono prints and digital marks 2015-2020. First edition (limited run of 25) now sold out. Second edition (edition of 24) published July 2019 along side exhibition  - stocked at Pages of Hackney, London. Also available for sale here. The booklet is just over A5. Autumn 2020 the 3rd edition with some new words and imagery will be added here. 

If you are ordering the book and original Polaroid, please email me a preference on which photo you'd like. If It Is still available I will be happy to send this. Alternatively, you can go for dealers choice.

In the meantime, If you want a discount  for this product  - please email me a word you'd like to see in the book, and I'll think about It - but also maybe send you a discount code : )

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