Artist /Photographer 

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2002 from a degree in sustainable art & design, Tara worked in design, film & editorial.  Having experienced various creative paths, she has built up a photographic style which imbues all her creative experience - breaking down narratives - transgressing formal portraiture & finding new mediums to experiment with.

Her mix media work is something that she has only recently started to share - though it has always been developing symbiotically with her photographic practise.  It comes from a more playful intuitive side -  Hazy boundaries, aberrations of fantasies, esoteric themes and flexible memory creep into the work.

Her work was recently shown at Betts project, London, May 22-27th 2019 at an exhibition hosted by the Sailmakers Collective. (

UPCOMING: She is part of a two person show at 'Pages of Hackney' opening on the 5th July - Oct 2019.  Pulled landscape explores landscape through a series of abstractions. The photographic process is one which is quite instantaneous, and both artists use photography in a different way which is process driven. When you arrive at a new landscape you have a certain perspective - the moment you start to move, the landscape starts to move too. The constant shifts in landscape is mirrored in us and as Rebecca Solnit notes “Walking is how the body measures itself against the earth.”

She is currently working on several series;

I am a rock - A collection stones and rocks that she has been collecting (worldwide) for the last 40 years. These all come with their own story - some fact, some fiction.  They have all been photographed, and a selection of them are represented though oil paintings.

Ode from a Nemophilist - Photo etchings and paintings  of tree abstractions and the energy they exude. An energy loop is created between the camera, the body and the tree,  once and equilibrium is found, a slow exposure photograph is taken - the main body of this work is taken at the location of the Earth's 7 Planetary Chakras, as well as, Ley Lines in between. 

Our brain is so presumptuous - The idea that ones brain fills in the gaps. A series of paintings and sculptures  - she has started exploring new mediums such as, concrete, silicon and bronze.  

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